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Carnarvon Christian School

"Walk as children of light"

Ephesians 5:8b

30 Babbage Island Road
Po Box 141
Carnarvon WA 6701
(08) 9941 4533

“Carnarvon Christian School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people in its care and expects all staff and volunteers to uphold and share in this commitment.”

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General Information

Parent Information Handbook

Download a copy of the CCS Handbook for Parents & Students

School Hours

3 year Kindergarten - 1 full day a week programme.

4 year Kindergarten - Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday (8:15am – 2.30pm)

Pre-primary – Year 6 - Weekdays (8:15am – 2:30pm)

  • School Starts 8:15 am
  • Recess 10:15 – 10:35 am
  • Lunch 12:15 – 12:50 pm
  • Home time 2:30pm

Picking Up Students Early

Parents and Carers needing to pick up children during the day, will need to visit the school office first to register in the "sign out" book. You will then be given a slip which is to be given to the classroom teacher before you leave the school. This officially releases the child into your care and ensures their safety.


Whilst absences can be phoned through to the school, a written note, signed by the parent/caregiver explaining the reason for the absence must be given to the classroom teacher when the child returns. You will be contacted if your child is absent without school being given notification.


It is most important that the office has an up to date list of Emergency Contact Numbers for each student so that a close relative or family friend can be easily contacted in the case of an Emergency.

If you have an urgent message which needs to be relayed to your child during the day, please contact the school office staff.

Please Note: If you have arranged to pick your child up and are going to be late - please give the school a courtesy call. The child will be notified and it will alleviate their distress.

To be fully prepared for Emergency situations, the school conducts regular lock down & emergency evacuation practices.


Carnarvon Christian School is served by Carnarvon Bus Charter. Please phone Vicki on (08) 9941 3336 for more information.

Children who ride bikes/scooters/skateboards etc. to school are expected to wear helmets & to obey road rules. A locked parking area for bikes is located near the undercover area. All children who are not transported by bus or car should use the bike gate when entering or leaving the school property.

Parents dropping off/picking up children should use the circular driveway when entering the school property. This region is located approx. 200m west of the main school entrance. For Children’s safety, all vehicles need to be parked on the left of the driveway.

The main carpark is for vehicles transporting K – 1 students and visitors to the school.

All children in Kindergarten – Year 1 should be accompanied to and from their classrooms for their own safety.

School Canteen

The school has a canteen which is run by volunteers. Please contact office as to opening days and offer your assistance if able.


To make an appointment with the Principal, please speak to the office staff.

Teachers are happy to meet with parents after school.