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Carnarvon Christian School

"Walk as children of light"

Ephesians 5:8b

30 Babbage Island Road
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“Carnarvon Christian School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people in its care and expects all staff and volunteers to uphold and share in this commitment.”


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The Carnarvon Christian School newsletter is published fortnightly. The newsletter is distributed one copy per family via the oldest child at the school or via email.

2021 Archived Newsletters

Term 1, May 9th 2022

I would like to thank everyone for observing safe driving practices in our school carpark. The 5km/h speed limit ensures we have plenty of time to stop should a child run out in front of the car. The old adage: Patience is a Virtue certainly is worth following as it stops us making rash decisions. These little lives are worth protecting as much as we can.

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